What is Studio Banjara?

Meher Malik, the founder of Banjara school of dance decided to create an official virtual platform for belly dance enthusiasts where quality content can be provided for dancers of all levels from the comfort of their own homes.

What format are these classes in?

All classes are currently in pre recorded format with instruction by Meher Malik. New instructors will be brought on board to offer a larger variety of subjects in the near future.

How does my teacher track my growth if this isn't a live class?

The Banjara format level training has mandatory feedback and assignments where all content is exchanged between the teacher and student. The open level classes are self paces and are designed for personal growth and improvement without the feedback model.

What is the difference in all the category of classes?

Certified Intensives are the foundation course in Belly dance that are in the Banjara format, being taught successfully over 10 years, they are split over many levels and completion of each one successfully gives the student a chance to progress into the next level. All assignments are to be taken seriously in order to be certified.
Open Level classes are conceptual classes in different subjects ranging from technique, to choreography, to improvisation. There usually is a recommended eligibility criteria but dancers are welcome to try things out of their comfort zone. Dancers of all levels can opt for these classes but a one time training in the Banjara certified beginners course will definitely give the students an upper hand.
Zoom sessions are live classes for those who want to indulge in different subjects ranging from choreography to technique to guided improvisation and guidance of Meher Malik.

How long do I have access to class content?

Once bought you will have unlimited access to all classes although a few guidelines need to be kept in mind at all times.

What are these guidelines?

Class content is for your personal use only. It is not to be uploaded or shared anywhere online. You are welcome to train from the videos and share videos of yourself doing the techniques but not videos of the instructor. No choreography content is to be shared from the Certified Intensives. Students can create their own choreographies and share as they please.

Where can I get more specific course related info?

By clicking on each course you can read all the course specifics. We encourage you to go through all the info well.

If I can't complete the course can I be given a refund?

Since the course is available for an unlimited period we do not offer any refunds.